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Vo2 Killer

Squat day today before work:
15 x 10 Squats w/ 50kg
6 x 5 deadlifts w/ 60kg
3 x 15 hamtring curls
3 x 10 calf raises

Then, I really don’t know what possessed me, but I decided to attempt the most intense session I have:


15 x (0:30 @ 486W, 2:00 @ 121.5W)

I never did hit 200% FTP – probably hovered around 193% most of the time – but assuming it wasn’t the squats that killed me, then I may have found a limiter.

What to do about that? Well I suppose I should include this workout and workouts like this in my winter program. Not to forget the easier Vo2 sets and then the slow death FTP sets.

Work to do.

FTP needs to grow a lot if I can make any impression next year.

Need to Harden Up

I decided that the weekly VO2 Max set needed to be made more difficult. I’ve been getting through the sessions fairly ‘easily’ and set myself the following challenge:

2x[7 x (2:00 @ 115% VO2 Max, 1:00 @ 50% VO2 Max)] on 4:00 RI

My current FTP of 251W puts that 115% at 288W and I tried to keep that as my floor.Starting out, the two minutes were long… I couldn’t hit my numbers… they were as follows.


Set NP Av.P
1 273 282
2 271 280
3 272 282
4 266 278
5 273 284
6 269 279
7 268 279
Set NP Av.P
1 272 282
2 267 278
3 266 276
4 267 277
5 267 276
6 269 280
7 274 284

New FTP, New VO2 Max

This is my second time doing this set. I did it for the first time after I did my first FTP test of this season. It was hard. Today I did it after I did my second FTP test with my new FTP numbers.

It was difficult and my inability to hold a consistent power shows that.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.11.53

Today my average power for each lap was:
292, 292, 293, 287, 291, 287, 286, 290, 284, 299

408kJ, NP 261W , IF 1.04, av Power 233W

Last time was lower but for more consistent:
272, 272, 272, 272, 273, 268, 270, 270, 271, 277

396kJ, NP 246W , IF 1.02, av Power 227W

Five weeks makes quite a difference.

10 x 2:00…

Started late, didn’t quit.

This belongs here!


Lately, once the clock strikes nine I scrap all plans of training. Last night however, I took a step towards ending that trend. Nine came and went and I still hadn’t trained. Finally at twenty past I got the motivation to get on the rollers and get moving.

I chose a set I hadn’t done before and picked the power level from my most recent FTP test.

10 x 2:00 @ VO2 max.

I calculated VO2 Max as 106-120% of FTP and then decided upon 272W which is just over 113%. I chose the lower value and shorter interval duration because there was to be only one minute RI.

Three steps into the session I was feeling the strain.
After six I was ready to quit… I told myself that I could quit after eight.
Once I got to eight I managed to ride it out to ten

Average power for each set was fairly consistent : 272, 272, 272, 272, 273, 268, 270, 270, 271, 277

Job done. I’m not sure how often I can do that set!