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Stockholm 4-Days

I missed the first two races of Stockholm 4-days because of family commitments but managed to make it to the start line for the last two races.

First up was Arlanda Test Track GP. It was to be my first time this year racing H40. I expected it to be a level down from both Senior and Stockholm Cup A level racing and those expectations were correct.

It was fast, furious and fun but I (and all members of HRT) was able to somewhat animate the race. I attacked off the front and was away on my own for one lap… unfortunately my attack was done in the hope that someone would follow and we could do something together. It being a solo effort made it futile. Later in the race I bridged across to a break that looked interesting. Unfortunately it also looked interesting to the main group and they wasted no time in chasing us down.

I held my position well during the race, made a few attacks and finished somewhere in the middle of the pack…

Less than 12 hours I was on the start line of Nationaldagsloppet – Markim. This is always a fun course. A few small hills, winding narrow roads and some really fast sections. I was active in this race too, covered a few attacks and made one joke of an attack myself.

Lift, rest, train, crash and burn

I’ve overdone it this week. After a good race performance last week and two consecutive 500+ TSS weeks I thought I’d be due a step-up in performance this week.

I started the week with a return to the gym after three consecutive days on the bike. Weight and reps were kept low but I still got pretty sore the next day.

I then took Tuesday off and hit the bike
Wednesday: Solo Morning Spins – three evenly paces laps.
Thursday: Just under two hours steady cycling with a few hard efforts.
Friday: Up early for morning spins. Absolutely shattered. Had nothing to give.

I’ve now got a forced day or two off the bike – perhaps I’ll bounce back strong… perhaps not. Time will tell.

The plan for next week is:

Monday: Arlanda Test Track

Tuesday: Nationaldagsloppet


Lets see how I feel after that. The build for the national championships begins after these three races.

First 100k

Went out yesterday with no plan – just ride my bike. I ended up doing 100.4km @ 32.2km/h. Not a bad session. During the ride I never went hard and never went easy and by the end of it I was not too tired at all. The racing was a good measure of fitness and this ride just confirms it. THe plan is three hard weeks training before the taper for Swedish Age Group Championships.

Keep doing what I’m doing.


Time crushed, so I crushed it. 48,5 TSS in 30 minutes.

5 x 1:00 @ 135% FTP on 0:40 RI + 5 x 0:30 @ 140% FTP on 0:20 RI + 12:00 @ 95% FTP

I planned to do more tonight but instead I’ll do morning spins tomorrow. Up at 05:20.

Race #2: Fiskartorpet GP

Fast and furious Fiskartorpet was my second race of the year.  A crit race and a typical power profile:

Apart from having a lit of fun, I did very little more than just make up the numbers in this race. I went into the horse track at the end of lap 2, had to chase back on for a while, but once I did that I sat there easily enough. I left it far too late to move up the bunch at the end to contest the sprint… I need to have better awareness in the crit races. Tomorrow is Arlanda Test Track.

I know that the race will be just 12 laps. Not xx minutes + y laps.

So I’ve set the Garmin to auto lap. Now I should be able to see what lap I’m on and then make my charge to victory at the right time… in theory. Practise won’t be the same.



Mini Leg Blaster (MLB)
10x Air Squats
5x In-Place Lunges (5x each leg, 10x total)
5x Jumping Lunges (5x each leg, 10x total)
5x Jump Squats

Full Leg Blaster (FLB)
20x Air Squats
10x In-Place Lunges (10x each leg, 20x total)
10x Jumping Lunges (10x each leg, 20x total)
10x Jump Squats

Goal is to get to 5 FLBs

Do them twice a week.
8xMLB on 30″ RI
10xMLB on 30″ RI
2xFLB + 6xMLB on 30″ RI
3xFLB + 4xMLB on 30″ RI
4xFLB + 2xMLB on 30″ RI
5xFLB + 30″ RI


Morning Spins Premier

I finally did it! Made it to morning spins. It was cold but sunny so it took a while for my fingers to warm up. Once we got going the cold was no longer a problem. Three quick laps were done and unfortunately they weren’t without incident. I got caught up in a crash just as the first lap started. My front brifter is in bits, the one I replaced last October. I’m not sure what to do now… replace it or just scrap it.


Race Prep

Pushed the top end tonight. It’s been a while since I’ve done that and race season is soon upon me. Knivsta GP is the first race and tonight was an attempt at that race not being a total shock to the system. Summary of the fine tuning for the next two weeks: FTP push and Vo2 shock sessions when possible. Start race season with a lifetime best FTP and some Vo2 tolerance.

Day 32

The 30 day challenge is done.
The figures are as follows:
30 rides – no doubles, no skipped days.
TSS: 1787 (59/day)

What did I learn?
For a start, this is a valid way to build CTL (and possibly FTP) quickly and safely.
The FTP part remains to be seen; I have to do an FTP test very soon but today I feel a little off – It’s not a day to measure greatness ;-/

I also learned that a warm-up can solve a lot. There were times that I thought my legs were dead and had no hope for anything but suffering on the bike only for them to come good, if not very good, after a good warm up. My magic formula seems to be some minutes SS, then easy, then 130% FTP followed by easy.

I need to come up with a plan to take me through to April. The goal is to improve FTP and Vo2 max until then. Once April comes it’s into maintenance and sharpening skills and fitness.

3 trainer rides / week of 75 TSS + 1 outside ride of 150 TSS = 425/week

That will take me to a CTL of 60. Once I get there I’ll have more sunlight and time to train during lunch, before and after work.

I need to sit down an plan properly.

To be continued…

Day 20

Yesterday’s low motivation eventually turned into high performance. My legs were sore from the gym on Monday (they still are now actually) and I really didn’t feel capable of doing anything of any quality yesterday. I think it was past 21:00 when I finally made it out to the shed to stamp my card. I knew I would be going through the motions and getting the very minimum done. After a warm-up I started to feel ok so I decided to start an FTP effort. During the first effort I still hadn’t decided what I would do… 4×6/2, 3×7/2 or 3x 8/2. I passed the first 6 minutes, then 7 and finished at 8. That had me committed to 3×8/2. I did that and felt good so kept going for a solid 4×8/2 @ FTP. The first proper trainer effort of the 30 day challenge. Feeling positive about my form and my potential. All that remains is to get through the next 10 days and then make a plan. How to manage my fitness from there?

If I fall back to four rids per week then I take the current weekly TSS, add 10% and divide by four. Use that as a starting point.