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Max 20′ #1

Season 2018 starts here.
After many weeks of putting things on the long finger I got off my arse and trained.
My excuse list was empty after I renovated and insulated the shed – now the pain-cave is not only painful when I’m pushing it on the bike!

Today I had actually intended to do a kick-start workout but once I sat on teh bike and did my warm-up I decided to do a max 20. I had absoulutly no idea what my FTP was so I decided to test taht.
My hastily made plan was to ‘coast’ at 275w for 5 minutes, lift it up to 280-285w for the middle 10 minutes and then go all out for the last 5 minutes.
It turned out that my starting 276w was pretty close to my max and I actually faded in the middle before I kicked hard in the last 5 minutes to get an average of 275w.
I expected 285w but am quite happy with the 276w I got – it’s 21w higher than my first max 20′ last year.

Now I start my serious training.


A few ups and downs during the off season, bit It’s clear from above that all metrics are showing an upward trend.
Last week’s FTP test put me at an FTP of 281w – that’s up from last year’s all time best of 263w. Training has not felt very good for a few weeks and I didn’t expect to get such an improvement… now that I have that , I see a new possibility for a goal… A pure numbers goal but nonetheless a target: 5w/kg for a 20 minute test.
There’ll be two parts to hitting that goal. Firstly, I’m going to have to drop a kg and get to 62kg. Then I need to do a 20 minute effort of 306w. Well within the realms of possibility.

Reality Check

Training has not been great since I finished my 30 day challenge. A decline in consistency, form and, now confirmed last night, power.

The past 8 days went particularly bad with travel and partying causing missed workouts.
Last night was my last day to do my February FTP test. I was absolutely dreading it and after about seven or eight minutes the dread turned out beĀ  be well warranted.

Looking at the graph, what stands out is the constant decline in power and the small valley after about 12 minutes – that small valley was me quitting… before I un-quit!

Taking the positives away, we have the following:

  1. Not training causes FTP to drop… so training works. Duh!
  2. Power drop was not at all low – only 5w off my PB
  3. I left my soul on that trainer last night – not sure if I ever pushed that hard in a test before.
  4. There is over 6 weeks until the first race of the season; I can improve on my form a lot.

I need a plan to take me up to race season.

Holding a TSB of -10 to -20 is the simplest action point.
Then time at FTP is going to have to be a requirement.
Thirdly, Vo2 max sessions… especially the linger ones. Get them done.
Fill it all in with Sweet Spot training.

Sounds simple.

The Real Start

My earlier post stated that ‘2017 starts here’ but today was really the start: the first FTP test of the 2016/2017 season.

Work: 295kJ
Average Power: 255watts
Average Heart Rate: 167bpm
Average Cadence: 89rpm
Which Gives an FTP of 243 Watts

The questions that arise:

  1. Was this a solid effort?
  2. How much can I improve in 5 months – is 50 Watts possible?

The answer to question is most likely yes.
The answer to question two remains to be seen.

I will make my goal for 2017: Achieve and FTP of 293 Watts.
If I can do that at a race weight of 61kg, that will give me an FTP of 4.8W/kg

Last year I did very little training at FTP – my winter week consisted of:

  • One SS 9:00/1:00 ride.
  • One Vo2 Max ride (3 x 13 x 0:30 … )
  • One easy outdoor ride.

This year I will play with the following workouts:

## New for 2017 ##

Jimmy Sixes 4 x [ 6 x (0:40 @ 279.45 and 0:20 @ 194.4W)] on 4 min RI
40 second intervals at 115% FTP/ 20 seconds @ 80% FTP

Martin 20s 2 x [ 20 x (0:40 @ 279.45 and 0:20 @ 170.1W)] on 5 min RI
40 second intervals at 115% FTP/ 20 seconds @ 70% FTP

Martin 20s (Easy on RI) 2 x [ 20 x (0:40 @ 303.75 and 0:20 @ 97.2W)] on 5 min RI
40 second intervals at 155% FTP/ 20 seconds @ 50% FTP

## Vo2 Max ##

VO2 – Stage 1 3 x [13 x (0:30 @ 315.9W, 0:15 @ 121.5W)] on 3:00 RI
30 second intervals at 130% FTP(4.86W/kg)

VO2 – Stage 2 15 x (0:30 @ 486W, 2:00 @ 121.5W) on 5:00 RI
30 second intervals at 200% FTP(7.48W/kg)

VO2 – Stage 3 3 x [5 x (0:30 @ 486W, 0:30 @ 121.5W)] on 5:00 RI
30 second intervals at 200% FTP(7.48W/kg)

## FTP ##

FTP – Stage 1 4 x 10:00 @ 243 -> 267.3W on 4 min RI
10 minute intervals at 100->110% FTP(3.74 -> 4.11W/kg)

FTP – Recovery Day 4 x 10:00 @ 230.85 -> 255.15W on 4 min RI
10 minute intervals at 95->105% FTP(3.55 -> 3.93W/kg)

FTP – Medium Day 2 x 20:00 @ 230.85 on 10:00 RI
20 minute intervals at 95% FTP(3.55W/kg)

FTP (very difficult) 2 x 20:00 @ 243 -> 267.3 on 10:00 RI
20 minute intervals at 100->110% FTP(3.74 -> 4.11W/kg)

Basic week will be:

1 From FTP section or SS 9:00/1:00 session
1 from Vo2 section
1 from New section

Keep with the weight training.
Add in one run per week.
Measure in 5 weeks time.
Repeat or adjust.

FTP Test #2


Second one done six weeks after the first.
As can be seen I had a lot left at the end – need to have more faith in my abilities for the next test. HTFU, go out hard and possibly fade at the end.

Averaged 265W for 20 minutes.
That makes my new FTP 252W – 13W in 6 weeks is pretty good.
I’ll do another test in 6 weeks.
Adding more VO2 max sets from now on… is it possible to go up 20W in 6 weeks?

252W -> 272W

Aim high.

FTP Test

Accidental FTP test yesterday.

Started a five minute set and decided that I could probably keep the power up for 20 minutes.

Fell off the trainer at the end so I believe the effort was sufficiently hard to approximate FTP.

Calculated it to be 239,4W