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Big Day

Well rested and on the back of a pretty low volume but intense week, I headed out on Sunday for a planned 3:30 ride. The duration was the only plan – where, when and what intensity were not planned.

I headed north and just turned the pedals. After a while I looked down at the computer and saw that I was holding an average of 215w. That became the plan… hold that average power for the ride. It required a lot of checking but was pretty easy until the last 40 minutes. I was rationing fluid for the last 90 minutes and was adamant that I was not going to stop.

Made it home, drank water all night and am still thirsty as I type this post a day later.
Recovery day today and an elimination race tomorrow.

Borås Swimrun

Very, very hilly course. Technical trail and even off trail.

Some of the swims were very cold and rough; A 1400m crossing in 16 C water took 42 minutes because it was so rough.

Running was either straight up or straight down.

All that would have been ok if it were not for the fact that my legs locked up after 20 minutes. Running downhill it felt like I’d been hit in the upper quads with a baseball bat. Pain scale 8/10.

Running on the flat was not so bad. Running uphill was fine but there was always a mild bruise-like sensation of pain. Never experienced it or anything like it in my life.

Managed that pain for the  entire race.

Crossed the line in 36 place in a time of 5:44

Getting more sore my the minute today.

I had not trained for a race like that. My longest run was 15km – once

I averaged less than one run a week for the past two years.

I hadn’t swam more than 30 minutes in god knows how long.


Considering all that – I rocked it.

But it was a stupid thing to do.

Good Two Weeks

I’ve gotten a good two weeks training in and also managed to do a good and enjoyable ride on the racer. I went out to do the churches loop and I believe it’s the fastest I’ve done on the road bike: 1:01.53.
I got home from that ride and met my neighbor – he told me we were going out to do a swim run in two hours.

Shower, dinner, into the wetsuit and I was out the door again:


We tried out a new tether system and it seemed to work better for both of us. I swam easier yet we swam all three swim legs faster. All done exactly three minutes quicker than the last attempt.

It’s now two days later and I’m a bit tired in the legs. Not an ideal situation since I’m racing Arlanda Test Track Race tonight. It’s a national race so I’ll be in with the big boys. Expected average speed is 42km/h. It’ll be good. I’m psyched. I think I’m out of the doldrums again.

Low on Energy and Drive

Really not feeling the best these days. I managed to string together two ten hour weeks – that’s something I’ve not done in a long time. Bike strength is my main reason for concern. I don’t feel strong. The four most recent rides have been on the back of four other hard days – I’m going to give myself that as an excuse. So next up is to rest and then go out and scorch the bike and feel strong again.


I still want to get the weight training done.

And the swimming.

And the running.

And I want to feel like a god on the bike,

Something might be not doable here.

Anyway, now that I have seen the light, I can say what I did today.
Started with a two and half hour sluggish yet enjoyable MTB ride on Fornstigen trail. Slow, slippy at time but nice.

Then lunch, jobs around the house and a short run: 8.5km @ 4:25/km . Probably the first real running pace I’ve displayed all year.

Tomorrow I’ll do something too. Bike in the morning, swim during lunch and do weights later in the evening… or something else… or perhaps nothing.



Big Day

Biggest day in a long time today.

Started with a new PB on NICK trail – Not just a PB, but an almost four minute PB on a time that was an outlier last year. Pleasantly surprised. It’s a time I never believed I was capable or. Now of course I believe I can do much better! Typical eh?

I then thought that my training was going to be blocked once I got home so I did a 30 minute swim in ACTIC. Just swam. No sets.

FInally, my neighbor managed to convince me to doing a swimrun with him. We went out and did an hour that consisted of around 900m swimming and eight kilometers of running. Total distance was 9km.

Borås swimrun is 34km in total. So we did 26% of the race and it was pretty easy.

Could I do it 4 times? I suppose so.
Could I do it 4 times at that pace? Probably.