Max 20′ #1

Season 2018 starts here.
After many weeks of putting things on the long finger I got off my arse and trained.
My excuse list was empty after I renovated and insulated the shed – now the pain-cave is not only painful when I’m pushing it on the bike!

Today I had actually intended to do a kick-start workout but once I sat on teh bike and did my warm-up I decided to do a max 20. I had absoulutly no idea what my FTP was so I decided to test taht.
My hastily made plan was to ‘coast’ at 275w for 5 minutes, lift it up to 280-285w for the middle 10 minutes and then go all out for the last 5 minutes.
It turned out that my starting 276w was pretty close to my max and I actually faded in the middle before I kicked hard in the last 5 minutes to get an average of 275w.
I expected 285w but am quite happy with the 276w I got – it’s 21w higher than my first max 20′ last year.

Now I start my serious training.

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