Monthly Archives: November 2017

Build it Up

Lots of things have been happening in the background to prepare fort 2018… now I’m happy to say that training is now one of those things!

I finally renovated the shed to make it somewhat more comfortable during the winter months. Insulation, plaster and paint make it a lot more welcoming. I also decided to go down a road that I had previously stated that I never would – I bought a Monark 827. There is a valid reason for this… I had previously stated that I was not able to train the higher powers on the rollers. This meant that for the entire duration of winter training I was never training the types of power surges that can make or break a race. I had planned on buying an Elite Muin or the Tacx NEO. One day while looking for a used Neo I stumbled accross a stripped Monark 827 for an unbeatable price. Switching the Power2Max made it fulfil every requirement I had from the other smart trainers – I had no interest in the Ergo mode. Accuracy, stability and reliability were my requirements which the Monark fulfilled at less than 20% of the cost of the Neo.

All that being done, now it was time to do some consistent training. I’ve started out with a block of high Sweet Spot efforts: ?x9’/1, 2 x 20′ and 1 x 30′. The plan is to stick with these until I stop seeing gains, then gradually add some Vo2 Max intervals. 4×4′ primarily, then 1×5′ max efforts and the special 30′ (2′ @ 120% FTP, 1′ RI, 27′ High SS). Mix in a few max 20’s and I’ll be good to go come April.

The most immediate goal for the moment is to make myself tired before christmas and get myself into a state where I need part of the 1 week break that the skiing holiday will impose on me. Then pick it up hard once I return. Probably in the form of a 30 day challenge… lets see.


Max 20′ #1

Season 2018 starts here.
After many weeks of putting things on the long finger I got off my arse and trained.
My excuse list was empty after I renovated and insulated the shed – now the pain-cave is not only painful when I’m pushing it on the bike!

Today I had actually intended to do a kick-start workout but once I sat on teh bike and did my warm-up I decided to do a max 20. I had absoulutly no idea what my FTP was so I decided to test taht.
My hastily made plan was to ‘coast’ at 275w for 5 minutes, lift it up to 280-285w for the middle 10 minutes and then go all out for the last 5 minutes.
It turned out that my starting 276w was pretty close to my max and I actually faded in the middle before I kicked hard in the last 5 minutes to get an average of 275w.
I expected 285w but am quite happy with the 276w I got – it’s 21w higher than my first max 20′ last year.

Now I start my serious training.