Stockholm 4-Days

I missed the first two races of Stockholm 4-days because of family commitments but managed to make it to the start line for the last two races.

First up was Arlanda Test Track GP. It was to be my first time this year racing H40. I expected it to be a level down from both Senior and Stockholm Cup A level racing and those expectations were correct.

It was fast, furious and fun but I (and all members of HRT) was able to somewhat animate the race. I attacked off the front and was away on my own for one lap… unfortunately my attack was done in the hope that someone would follow and we could do something together. It being a solo effort made it futile. Later in the race I bridged across to a break that looked interesting. Unfortunately it also looked interesting to the main group and they wasted no time in chasing us down.

I held my position well during the race, made a few attacks and finished somewhere in the middle of the pack…

Less than 12 hours I was on the start line of Nationaldagsloppet – Markim. This is always a fun course. A few small hills, winding narrow roads and some really fast sections. I was active in this race too, covered a few attacks and made one joke of an attack myself.

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