Lift, rest, train, crash and burn

I’ve overdone it this week. After a good race performance last week and two consecutive 500+ TSS weeks I thought I’d be due a step-up in performance this week.

I started the week with a return to the gym after three consecutive days on the bike. Weight and reps were kept low but I still got pretty sore the next day.

I then took Tuesday off and hit the bike
Wednesday: Solo Morning Spins – three evenly paces laps.
Thursday: Just under two hours steady cycling with a few hard efforts.
Friday: Up early for morning spins. Absolutely shattered. Had nothing to give.

I’ve now got a forced day or two off the bike – perhaps I’ll bounce back strong… perhaps not. Time will tell.

The plan for next week is:

Monday: Arlanda Test Track

Tuesday: Nationaldagsloppet


Lets see how I feel after that. The build for the national championships begins after these three races.

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