Monthly Archives: June 2017

Big Day

Well rested and on the back of a pretty low volume but intense week, I headed out on Sunday for a planned 3:30 ride. The duration was the only plan – where, when and what intensity were not planned.

I headed north and just turned the pedals. After a while I looked down at the computer and saw that I was holding an average of 215w. That became the plan… hold that average power for the ride. It required a lot of checking but was pretty easy until the last 40 minutes. I was rationing fluid for the last 90 minutes and was adamant that I was not going to stop.

Made it home, drank water all night and am still thirsty as I type this post a day later.
Recovery day today and an elimination race tomorrow.

Stockholm 4-Days

I missed the first two races of Stockholm 4-days because of family commitments but managed to make it to the start line for the last two races.

First up was Arlanda Test Track GP. It was to be my first time this year racing H40. I expected it to be a level down from both Senior and Stockholm Cup A level racing and those expectations were correct.

It was fast, furious and fun but I (and all members of HRT) was able to somewhat animate the race. I attacked off the front and was away on my own for one lap… unfortunately my attack was done in the hope that someone would follow and we could do something together. It being a solo effort made it futile. Later in the race I bridged across to a break that looked interesting. Unfortunately it also looked interesting to the main group and they wasted no time in chasing us down.

I held my position well during the race, made a few attacks and finished somewhere in the middle of the pack…

Less than 12 hours I was on the start line of Nationaldagsloppet – Markim. This is always a fun course. A few small hills, winding narrow roads and some really fast sections. I was active in this race too, covered a few attacks and made one joke of an attack myself.

Lift, rest, train, crash and burn

I’ve overdone it this week. After a good race performance last week and two consecutive 500+ TSS weeks I thought I’d be due a step-up in performance this week.

I started the week with a return to the gym after three consecutive days on the bike. Weight and reps were kept low but I still got pretty sore the next day.

I then took Tuesday off and hit the bike
Wednesday: Solo Morning Spins – three evenly paces laps.
Thursday: Just under two hours steady cycling with a few hard efforts.
Friday: Up early for morning spins. Absolutely shattered. Had nothing to give.

I’ve now got a forced day or two off the bike – perhaps I’ll bounce back strong… perhaps not. Time will tell.

The plan for next week is:

Monday: Arlanda Test Track

Tuesday: Nationaldagsloppet


Lets see how I feel after that. The build for the national championships begins after these three races.