Djursholms Slott GP

Today was fun! I did a recon of the course the day before and came home worried. Racing with the elites on a 1.3km loop with a 20m climb each loop didn’t seem like a task I was up to. Those doubts nearly became a reality after just three laps. I was hanging off the back and a gap appeared in front of me. I say my race end there and then but somehow I managed to catch back on at the top of the climb and nestle back into the group. Once that scare was over I still found if difficult for a couple more laps but by lap six it seemed to settle. No incidents to report though a couple of times some very experienced cyclists dive bombed my line into a corner. I wonder do they do this on purpose or is it a genuine mistake on their part?
Finished the race strong – I felt more comfortable as the race progressed and crossed the line in 25th of 39 finishers (59 starters).

When I analysed the data I was surprised to see that the first five laps weren’t the fastest. It appears that my struggle in those laps wasn’t to do with the speed – just that I wasn’t warmed up. For GPs I’m afraid to war up too hard for fear of becoming tired. From this race I can see that I was feeling stronger as the race progressed so hopefully I can put that worry aside in the future and do a proper warm up.



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