Skandis GP


Race number 4 of the season… mixed feelings. My pre-race goals were not to be humiliated. I suppose I reached those goals. The race was on a 2.2km circuit with a steep 400m hill every lap. I worried about that hill during the week… the images above show that the hill wasn’t my weak point, it was a downhill cobbled section that proved to be my Achilles heel. I could not for the life of me find the line (or the balls) to take that 90 degree turn at speed. The two Uppsala guys in the picture above took 10m out of me every single time we did that section of the course. I’d catch them on the hill and lead the entire way up and then they’d do the same thing again on the next cobbled section… I’m jumping ahead of myself though. The images above are of a distant chasing group. There was another main group up the road. I lost them on the first lap; the first gap grew out of the cobbles, then I couldn’t catch back on the hill. From there it just stretched out for with every lap.

Of the 40 starters only 16 finished – I was 18th if they count back the DNFs – which I think they will do for the league table. I’m not entirely happy with my performance but now that a few hours have passed I’m not disgusted either. If I make the same gains next year as I did this year then I think I’m there or thereabouts in the money. Keep working, keep enjoying the racing and keep improving.


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