Race #2: Fiskartorpet GP

Fast and furious Fiskartorpet was my second race of the year.  A crit race and a typical power profile:

Apart from having a lit of fun, I did very little more than just make up the numbers in this race. I went into the horse track at the end of lap 2, had to chase back on for a while, but once I did that I sat there easily enough. I left it far too late to move up the bunch at the end to contest the sprint… I need to have better awareness in the crit races. Tomorrow is Arlanda Test Track.

I know that the race will be just 12 laps. Not xx minutes + y laps.

So I’ve set the Garmin to auto lap. Now I should be able to see what lap I’m on and then make my charge to victory at the right time… in theory. Practise won’t be the same.


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