Monthly Archives: March 2017

Reality Check

Training has not been great since I finished my 30 day challenge. A decline in consistency, form and, now confirmed last night, power.

The past 8 days went particularly bad with travel and partying causing missed workouts.
Last night was my last day to do my February FTP test. I was absolutely dreading it and after about seven or eight minutes the dread turned out beĀ  be well warranted.

Looking at the graph, what stands out is the constant decline in power and the small valley after about 12 minutes – that small valley was me quitting… before I un-quit!

Taking the positives away, we have the following:

  1. Not training causes FTP to drop… so training works. Duh!
  2. Power drop was not at all low – only 5w off my PB
  3. I left my soul on that trainer last night – not sure if I ever pushed that hard in a test before.
  4. There is over 6 weeks until the first race of the season; I can improve on my form a lot.

I need a plan to take me up to race season.

Holding a TSB of -10 to -20 is the simplest action point.
Then time at FTP is going to have to be a requirement.
Thirdly, Vo2 max sessions… especially the linger ones. Get them done.
Fill it all in with Sweet Spot training.

Sounds simple.