Day 32

The 30 day challenge is done.
The figures are as follows:
30 rides – no doubles, no skipped days.
TSS: 1787 (59/day)

What did I learn?
For a start, this is a valid way to build CTL (and possibly FTP) quickly and safely.
The FTP part remains to be seen; I have to do an FTP test very soon but today I feel a little off – It’s not a day to measure greatness ;-/

I also learned that a warm-up can solve a lot. There were times that I thought my legs were dead and had no hope for anything but suffering on the bike only for them to come good, if not very good, after a good warm up. My magic formula seems to be some minutes SS, then easy, then 130% FTP followed by easy.

I need to come up with a plan to take me through to April. The goal is to improve FTP and Vo2 max until then. Once April comes it’s into maintenance and sharpening skills and fitness.

3 trainer rides / week of 75 TSS + 1 outside ride of 150 TSS = 425/week

That will take me to a CTL of 60. Once I get there I’ll have more sunlight and time to train during lunch, before and after work.

I need to sit down an plan properly.

To be continued…

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