Day 20

Yesterday’s low motivation eventually turned into high performance. My legs were sore from the gym on Monday (they still are now actually) and I really didn’t feel capable of doing anything of any quality yesterday. I think it was past 21:00 when I finally made it out to the shed to stamp my card. I knew I would be going through the motions and getting the very minimum done. After a warm-up I started to feel ok so I decided to start an FTP effort. During the first effort I still hadn’t decided what I would do… 4×6/2, 3×7/2 or 3x 8/2. I passed the first 6 minutes, then 7 and finished at 8. That had me committed to 3×8/2. I did that and felt good so kept going for a solid 4×8/2 @ FTP. The first proper trainer effort of the 30 day challenge. Feeling positive about my form and my potential. All that remains is to get through the next 10 days and then make a plan. How to manage my fitness from there?

If I fall back to four rids per week then I take the current weekly TSS, add 10% and divide by four. Use that as a starting point.

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