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Forced Hyperventilation Vo2 Max


I was extremely pushed for time today and very nearly skipped this set. I was thinking that the 30 minutes I had to play with was not sufficient. Well I was wrong on two fronts. Firstly, I got a good set done and found that my W’bal was wrong. I needed to increase it from 22000 to 25000 so that the graph didn’t show negative numbers.

Secondly, and probably a direct cause of the first point,  was plating with a new idea: Forced hyperventilation during and after each set. I decided to breath as heavy at the start of each 0:40 set as I found myself doing naturally at the end of each set. My theory was that  in making oxygen available before it is ‘requested’ it would delay the onset of fatigue.

I’m assuming I can consume the oxygen I breath when I’m going hard.
I’m also assuming that there is a delay in oxygen uptake when it is demanded.
Finally, I’m assuming that forced hyperventilation buffers the blood and eliminates the delay.
So then the fatigue that you feel is purely ATP related.

Theory aside I can say that the efforts felt easier and that I was holding a higher power than I have done in the past. I’ll play around with it for a while and see if it leads to anything.

Sli pickings in the internet:



Vo2 Part 2


Another Vo2 workout today. Very different to the last one in many ways. While Tuesday’s set trained top end power to the point of failure it didn’t put me in my W’Bal fatigue zones very much.

Today’s graph show’s I was in the heavy fatgue zone for a very long time.

Which workout is better?
More correctly, which workout is better for me?

I don’t know right now but what I do know is that I’m not going to fall into the trap I fell for last year by doing only two workouts for the entire winter. This winter will be about variation. Pile on the fatigue. Vary the way I do that.

Three indoor sessions, one outdoor session is going to be my framework.

Vo2 Killer

Squat day today before work:
15 x 10 Squats w/ 50kg
6 x 5 deadlifts w/ 60kg
3 x 15 hamtring curls
3 x 10 calf raises

Then, I really don’t know what possessed me, but I decided to attempt the most intense session I have:


15 x (0:30 @ 486W, 2:00 @ 121.5W)

I never did hit 200% FTP – probably hovered around 193% most of the time – but assuming it wasn’t the squats that killed me, then I may have found a limiter.

What to do about that? Well I suppose I should include this workout and workouts like this in my winter program. Not to forget the easier Vo2 sets and then the slow death FTP sets.

Work to do.

FTP needs to grow a lot if I can make any impression next year.

New Trainer Set

Last night I tried a new trainer set. It should have been 60 min @ 90% FTP but i made a mistake in my spreadsheet and ended up doing only 83-85% FTP.

Mistakes aside, the workout provided interesting data.

60 min @ 85% FTP
Starting out, 210W was easy.
Plotting HR @ 10 minute time-stamps:
10 min: 141
20 min: 150
30 min: 156
40 min: 158
50 min: 160
60 min: 161
That’s quite an increased for an ‘easy’ set.
What do I learn?
Where do I go from here?

The Real Start

My earlier post stated that ‘2017 starts here’ but today was really the start: the first FTP test of the 2016/2017 season.

Work: 295kJ
Average Power: 255watts
Average Heart Rate: 167bpm
Average Cadence: 89rpm
Which Gives an FTP of 243 Watts

The questions that arise:

  1. Was this a solid effort?
  2. How much can I improve in 5 months – is 50 Watts possible?

The answer to question is most likely yes.
The answer to question two remains to be seen.

I will make my goal for 2017: Achieve and FTP of 293 Watts.
If I can do that at a race weight of 61kg, that will give me an FTP of 4.8W/kg

Last year I did very little training at FTP – my winter week consisted of:

  • One SS 9:00/1:00 ride.
  • One Vo2 Max ride (3 x 13 x 0:30 … )
  • One easy outdoor ride.

This year I will play with the following workouts:

## New for 2017 ##

Jimmy Sixes 4 x [ 6 x (0:40 @ 279.45 and 0:20 @ 194.4W)] on 4 min RI
40 second intervals at 115% FTP/ 20 seconds @ 80% FTP

Martin 20s 2 x [ 20 x (0:40 @ 279.45 and 0:20 @ 170.1W)] on 5 min RI
40 second intervals at 115% FTP/ 20 seconds @ 70% FTP

Martin 20s (Easy on RI) 2 x [ 20 x (0:40 @ 303.75 and 0:20 @ 97.2W)] on 5 min RI
40 second intervals at 155% FTP/ 20 seconds @ 50% FTP

## Vo2 Max ##

VO2 – Stage 1 3 x [13 x (0:30 @ 315.9W, 0:15 @ 121.5W)] on 3:00 RI
30 second intervals at 130% FTP(4.86W/kg)

VO2 – Stage 2 15 x (0:30 @ 486W, 2:00 @ 121.5W) on 5:00 RI
30 second intervals at 200% FTP(7.48W/kg)

VO2 – Stage 3 3 x [5 x (0:30 @ 486W, 0:30 @ 121.5W)] on 5:00 RI
30 second intervals at 200% FTP(7.48W/kg)

## FTP ##

FTP – Stage 1 4 x 10:00 @ 243 -> 267.3W on 4 min RI
10 minute intervals at 100->110% FTP(3.74 -> 4.11W/kg)

FTP – Recovery Day 4 x 10:00 @ 230.85 -> 255.15W on 4 min RI
10 minute intervals at 95->105% FTP(3.55 -> 3.93W/kg)

FTP – Medium Day 2 x 20:00 @ 230.85 on 10:00 RI
20 minute intervals at 95% FTP(3.55W/kg)

FTP (very difficult) 2 x 20:00 @ 243 -> 267.3 on 10:00 RI
20 minute intervals at 100->110% FTP(3.74 -> 4.11W/kg)

Basic week will be:

1 From FTP section or SS 9:00/1:00 session
1 from Vo2 section
1 from New section

Keep with the weight training.
Add in one run per week.
Measure in 5 weeks time.
Repeat or adjust.