Monthly Archives: October 2016

2017 Starts Here – Part 1

Next season starts here. To start planning next season, I first need to review what worked this year.

Overall the season went well. No wins or even close calls but I can say that or the first time ever I see that I have some strengths.
My cornering is pretty god; with a little deliberate practice I could be good at that.
This could help turn a weakness into a strength: GP racing… this has been my true weakness this year but I think I can figure this one out.
Lots of high-low efforts on the trainer and then continue this once I get outside.

Test #1 for this improvement will be Knivsta GP – most likely in mid April. Last year I had the privilege of being the last person to not be lapped… could I go a step better this year and hang on to the bunch the whole way around?

My key workouts last year were 0:30/0:15 and ?x9:00 SS intervals.
Maybe do some 0:10/0:10 intervals too, some longer 300w intervals and hit the squats harder this winter/spring.

The two markers I can track my fitness against are as follows:

0:40/0:20 interval set
5 x 9:00 SS interval session

If I can significantly beat those markers then -given all other things being equal- I can do better next season.