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10 minute warm up.

20 x 0:40 @ 300+w, 0:20 @ 100+w
Averages for this was:

Average Power
Average Heart Rate
Average Cadence

Then after 2 minutes rest I did 5:00 as 0.10 @ 470+w, 0:10 @ 100+w
Average Power
Average Heart Rate
Average Cadence

Legs felt tired after lifting yesterday.


We’re approaching the off-season and I pretty much have my strength set organised.

10 min concept2/run
Free weight squats: 5 x 10 @ 30kg + 3 x 7 @ 40kg
Quad raises: 3 x 15 @ 35kg + 2 x 12 @ 40kg + 2 x 10 @ 45kg
Seated hamstring curls: 2 x 15 @ 35kg + 2 x 10 @ 40kg
Free weight dead-lifts: 3 x 8 @ 40kg

That will be the basis of my strength work for the off-season.
I’ll increase weight or reps as the season demands.


Two crashes on two races. The last race of the season was this weekend and I had reservations about racing it. The night before the race my hip injury was still bleeding and my fear of falling was very high. TO compound that my confidence in my fitness was also very low. My numbers on Trainingpeaks reflect this feeling – to put it mildly: I’m not fit.
Sunday morning I got dressed, packed my bag and stood in my bedroom. Stood there thinking “fuck it. I’m not going to do this.”. I very nearly called it quits there and then. Somehow I made it into the car, got to the start area and collected my number. I did a quick warmup with Johan B and actually felt ok… not good, not bad – just ok. I had my first glimmer of optimism of the day.
Got to the start, the gun went and off we went. Slow… nobody wanted to start so I did it. I felt that I was taking it easy but examining my data I saw that I averaged 300w for the start – I was burning matches already!

Then after a few minutes, Magnus got out of the saddle and unleashed a pretty strong attack. Then we took the sharp right hander up the hill Vällingevägen and Magnus and Dan unleashed hell. I lost contact at the top and knew I’d get back on during the downhill. I nearly did and then comes another attack on on the exit of the corner. I was toast.


There was a big let-up in the group and I seemed to hang 15m from the back for what seemed like eternity; it was probably two minutes. My legs were burning, I could taste my breakfast for the second time of the day and I was almost ready to call it a day there and then… until three riders caught me and told me to jump on. I did and we caught the group pretty easily. I was back on but still feeling pretty bad.
All was pretty easy until we turned off Ladviksvägen back on to Vällingevägen. This series of attacks would set the format for the race. Hill – attack, sharp left hand bend at top speed, attack up the next hill, sharp left hand bend and why not attack up that hill too. I survived that series of attacks and didn’t think I was going to survive it for lap two or three.

The second lap was easier but the attacks were more fierce when they did come. Luckily my legs had come good and I was beginning to enjoy the race at this stage.
The series of attacks on the winding back section of the course began earlier and seemed to last an eternity. No letting up between the three attacks.

Thankfully for lap three the gunpowder was low on Dan and Magnus’ legs and the attacks weren’t too hard – it was an easy enough lap until the end. Full speed approaching the finish I was positioned badly and really only made a half effort at sprint. Good race. Real racing. Attack! attack! attack!

Race Report

Four word summary: Fast and then crash.

More detailed:
I entered the Masters/Senior group but because two professional teams entered the Elite race some of the could be/would be/should be elites rocked up to our race.

The first lap was behind the motorbike, nice and easy, getting a feel for the course. Then approaching the start/finish line for the first time the gun went off and the speed went up.
Sprint, u-turn, sprint then easy enough down the back straight. The technical section came next: Sharp, narrow left turn, uphill for about 50m, wide easy left turn, sprint for the narrow left hander onto cobbles and then a tricky shills-lsft into 110 degree right hand turn. That right turn was difficult and was followed by an all out spring down the home straight into the wind… that was where I was struggling the most.

Struggling aside, I was hanging on until the half way around lap 5 until just before the first left turn to the uphill section I caught someone’s back wheel. I take responsibility but I think that he hit the brakes earlier than I would have and perhaps he should have.

Came down fast and hard and I did not get back up.



The front shifter also took a knock. I hope I can fix it. A bit of googling suggests to me that I can just buy a ‘Main Lever Support’ for just £2.99 from the brilliant


Race Tomorrow

Criterium in the City Center… not a race that highlights my strengths.

However I’m going to turn up and give it all I’ve got. 1800m course with one u-turn and four 90 degree turns – two of which are pretty technical.
Goals for tomorrow:
1/ Stay on the bike.
2/ Stay with the group.
3/ If I’m with the group after 30 minutes, make a move.

Simple. If that goes well I’ll train through to Wednesday and then rest up for the club champs.

I did a short and easy bike ride yesterday. 1:07 out in the hilly north of Stockholm. Took it very easy and managed an average of 31,5km/h. I’m taking that as a sign of good form.

24 hours and 46 minutes to start time.

Season Coming to a Close

The season is coming to an end and my motivation is still pretty good. This is because my form dropped significantly during July so I’m happily (and stupidly?) chasing form.

There is a chance to race four times:
2016-09-06     Terrible tuesdays teamtimetrial 2016 (Ekerö)
2016-09-10     Velothon GP (Stockholm City)
2016-09-17     Sista Chansen GP (Rämnas)
2016-09-18     Anundsloppet(Västerås) or Club Champs (Stockholm South)

Terrible tuesdays teamtimetrial 2016 (Ekerö)
This is an hour of pain. 4 man TTT.

Velothon GP (Stockholm City)
GP in town – need I say more. Not a race that displays my strengths. Maybe I should do it for that reason alone.

Sista Chansen GP (Rämnas)
Probably a less intense GP than Velothon. Day before Anundsloppet/Club Champs. It’ll be one or the other here.

Anundsloppet(Västerås) or Club Champs (Stockholm South)
This decision will depend on who is doing it.

In other news, I’ve been invited to race with Hofvet Race Team.
Two consequences of this.

1/ I’m delighted to be invited. Can’t wait to get racing with a team and team tactics.

2/ When I started cycling two years ago my goal was as simple as “Do it for two years and see what happens”. That two years is up at the end of this season and ‘what happens’ was that I get invited to Hofvet Race Team.

Now I need a new plan. A new goal. Hopefully the team will guide me in this regard.
Looking forward to it.