Monthly Archives: August 2016

No Updates Means…

It being my first update in quite some time means more than no writing:


Yep, no training either. I did a race on Tuesday with my limited fitness. That probably would have been ok had it been a ‘normal’ race. Unfortunately for me it was far from normal. Skeppsholmen GP: an 800m course with two sharp turns and sprints every lap. 600+ W -> 0w x 2 per lap. It was extraordinarily difficult and then…


Cycled home in a little pain and took the next day off. Did weights yesterday and found it surprisingly ok with the exception of squats – the right glute hurt a lot and today I feel a slight strain in my left knee, most likely because I was overcompensating with my left leg yesterday.

As if the weights were not enough, I then jumped on the bike last night. Just a 30 minute set of 0:30/0:15 at 320W/100W – it was actually quite ok and I’ll probably do that set more often.

Today I want to do something. Weekend I want to get out on the bike twice.

I’m still aiming for the club championships in September 18th.