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Borås Swimrun

Very, very hilly course. Technical trail and even off trail.

Some of the swims were very cold and rough; A 1400m crossing in 16 C water took 42 minutes because it was so rough.

Running was either straight up or straight down.

All that would have been ok if it were not for the fact that my legs locked up after 20 minutes. Running downhill it felt like I’d been hit in the upper quads with a baseball bat. Pain scale 8/10.

Running on the flat was not so bad. Running uphill was fine but there was always a mild bruise-like sensation of pain. Never experienced it or anything like it in my life.

Managed that pain for the  entire race.

Crossed the line in 36 place in a time of 5:44

Getting more sore my the minute today.

I had not trained for a race like that. My longest run was 15km – once

I averaged less than one run a week for the past two years.

I hadn’t swam more than 30 minutes in god knows how long.


Considering all that – I rocked it.

But it was a stupid thing to do.

Stockholm Cup – Markim

Stockholm cup race last night. I decided to give the A group a go for a change. I was told by a club member to give it a go “It’s the same speed as the B group” was his exact quote.

The B group crossed the line with an average speed of 39km/h last night.
The As did 43,1km/h. “It’s the same speed as the B group”? I think not.

Even though the speed was high, it was still easy to sit in to the group… I even got a little carried away and made a break after 17 minutes. I saw a rider rev up to launch and attack so I covered it. After a few seconds he flicked his elbow for me to come around; I did and he stopped working. A few seconds later I was back in the bunch. A few more seconds later another round of attacks started and I had to dig pretty deep to hold on. Good training. Also I got a new power record 1009W – the search for 1200W all of a sudden doesn’t seem too much of a stretch.

“Stay near the front” was my mantra all the way to the end of the race. When the sprint came I was positioned pretty well. I covered an attack with about 3km to go and believed I’d have nothing left for the final gallop… it seemed that nobody else did either. The now familiar scene of drifting backwards in the peloton didn’t happen. I held on and crossed the line in the first half of the group.

Happy with the race. Happy with my fitness.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 09.22.57

The Sprint – Stage 1

I have no sprint. This is not only true, but probably an understatement.

In Stockholm, bike races are easy. The last few I have done follow a strange tactic: gun it on the flat, not so hard up the hills. Makes the race very easy and capitalizes on my weaknesses… I suppose the average cyclist here is big and strong and doesn’t feel the wind like I do.

From all this comes one hard fact: I will never win a race.

However, I can get a top 10 placing if I get a half descent sprint. I reckon I need 1200W to make that happen. Until yesterday I hadn’t been able to get past about 850W – so only 50% extra power required to reach my goal.

Last night I reached Stage 1: Break 900W.

Stage 2 is 1000W. This will be my primary focus over the next three weeks.

Race tonight. Racing Stockholm cup in the A race.
Lets see what the difference is between A and B. The B race was very easy last year.

Stockholm 4 days – 1 & 3

I entered two of the four days of Stockholm 4 days.

Day one was Arlanda Testrrack Race.
Day three was Falkenloppet.

Feeling pretty good on and about the nike again and had a great time at the races. Both races totally exposed a not insignificant and difficult weakness to fix: I have no top end power.

My guess is that I need a 1 minute power of 600w or a sprint power of 1200w to do any damage at these races. How can that be done? That’s what I’m going to try to figure out during the coming weeks.

Today’s race I was in two breaks – first one could have been a good one but nobody worked,, second one I was well and truly outclasses. My work didn’t really count and only one of the other two members was willing to work. We stayed away for quite a while but were brought back in before the long, flat, fast home straight.


Good Two Weeks

I’ve gotten a good two weeks training in and also managed to do a good and enjoyable ride on the racer. I went out to do the churches loop and I believe it’s the fastest I’ve done on the road bike: 1:01.53.
I got home from that ride and met my neighbor – he told me we were going out to do a swim run in two hours.

Shower, dinner, into the wetsuit and I was out the door again:


We tried out a new tether system and it seemed to work better for both of us. I swam easier yet we swam all three swim legs faster. All done exactly three minutes quicker than the last attempt.

It’s now two days later and I’m a bit tired in the legs. Not an ideal situation since I’m racing Arlanda Test Track Race tonight. It’s a national race so I’ll be in with the big boys. Expected average speed is 42km/h. It’ll be good. I’m psyched. I think I’m out of the doldrums again.