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Last night I did my usual sweet spot interval set. It was difficult. Very difficult. Something needs to be done to address this but in the meantime I can say I toughed it out. Every pedal stroke was pushed through a voice in my head that said ‘no – stop this’. I didn’t stop and still feel drained because of it. It’s safe to say I didn’t need to HTFU last night.


So, when one is sick how do they apply rule 5?

Do you:

    Suck it up and train?
    HTFU and have the balls to rest?
    Train like a beast and burn the sickness off?

I know at least the last option is not a realistic one but am honestly not sure which is the best of the other two.
I’m loading myself with zinc supplements and sleeping well. I’m quite sure that training easy will do no harm though I’m not sure if it will help.

I found the following two articles:

So, for future reference, I’m going to state how I feel now, then run and state how I feel afterwards.
So, in no particular order:
RHR: 54bpm
Headache: 1/10
Sore throat: Not sore – slight itch feeling.
Tiredness: 2/10
Eyes feel sleepy.
Breathing deeply gives a cold sensation to my throat.
Bad taste in mouth.

## Now It’s time to run ##