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New FTP, New VO2 Max

This is my second time doing this set. I did it for the first time after I did my first FTP test of this season. It was hard. Today I did it after I did my second FTP test with my new FTP numbers.

It was difficult and my inability to hold a consistent power shows that.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.11.53

Today my average power for each lap was:
292, 292, 293, 287, 291, 287, 286, 290, 284, 299

408kJ, NP 261W , IF 1.04, av Power 233W

Last time was lower but for more consistent:
272, 272, 272, 272, 273, 268, 270, 270, 271, 277

396kJ, NP 246W , IF 1.02, av Power 227W

Five weeks makes quite a difference.

FTP Test #2


Second one done six weeks after the first.
As can be seen I had a lot left at the end – need to have more faith in my abilities for the next test. HTFU, go out hard and possibly fade at the end.

Averaged 265W for 20 minutes.
That makes my new FTP 252W – 13W in 6 weeks is pretty good.
I’ll do another test in 6 weeks.
Adding more VO2 max sets from now on… is it possible to go up 20W in 6 weeks?

252W -> 272W

Aim high.